Recruiting and Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment

Having the right people doing the right jobs within your company is a crucial part of your success. When we review your organizational structure, we are looking to make sure that responsibilities are optimally assigned, and that balance and accountability exist. To ensure that you are structured for success, we do the following in our Organizational Assessments:

“Getting to Know You” Interviews:
We perform concise, structured, and non-threatening interviews with the key personnel on your team. We often interview key suppliers and customers if you wish to gain a 360-degree view of what your team does well, and where improvement opportunities may exist.

Recruiting and Organizational Assessment
We can develop or help you develop your:

We can establish or help you establish your:


Preparation for Organizational Growth

Using the tools and process described above, we can do more than simply help your current operation run more smoothly. A well-designed organizational structure significantly improves communication flow and helps prepare your business for expansion. By already having responsibilities, authorities, approval processes, and a robust performance appraisal process in place, it is much easier to stay ahead of the new challenges that almost always accompany growth.

Does Paradigm Solutions offer Staffing Assistance?

Paradigm Solutions offers a seamless process for delivering qualified personnel through our sister company, Paradigm Staffing Solutions. If you are in need of adding qualified personnel to your organization, be sure to visit our sister site, We also maintain a database of qualified and trusted consultants with a myriad of skills and experience who are available to you on a contract basis.

Relevant Terms

Organizational Chart:  Visual representation of how a company intends for authority, responsibility, and information to flow within its formal organizational structure. It usually depicts different management functions (accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, production, R&D, etc.) and their subdivisions as boxes linked with lines along which decision making power travels downwards and answerability travels upwards.  (Definition courtesy of

Position Descriptions:  The prescribed or expected behaviors, duties, and responsibilities associated with the specific roles within an organization.

Position Agreements:  These documents state the activities and standards an employee agrees to use to achieve a specific result when performing in their specific role. Additionally, the employer is agreeing to provide associated training, support, and resources. Both parties acknowledge their understanding via signature.

Recognition and / or Disciplinary Action Process:
A documented process or processes that establish how employees are recognized and / or rewarded for superior performance and how disciplinary actions are carried out when necessary. These processes are part of your expectation-setting routine and support your actions via documentation so communication and actions are clear and understood.

Performance Appraisal Process: Performance appraisal involves workers having periodic goals or standards to meet, and a supervisor evaluating their effectiveness at achieving these goals or standards. There may be rewards associated with achievement and consequences associated with failure. At the very least, it is an objective tool for measuring performance and communicating successes and opportunities for improvement with team members.

Competitive Compensation Program: A tiered structure for establishing competitive compensation and benefits throughout all levels of an organization. This dictates what workers at the various positions in a company can / will earn, and therefore impacts accounting, budgeting, and business planning.



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