“I Need Someone To Hold Me Accountable!”

A Common Issue in Small Businesses

“I need someone to hold me accountable!” Seven words we hear more and more frequently. Especially when the weather is nice, or around vacation time. “It’s such a nice day, time for a round of golf!”

In most cases, owners of small and micro businesses have no one to keep them on track. There is no reporting block above them on the org. chart. And, similarly, no board of directors. As a result the owner and the business often stagnate and growth ceases, sometimes worse. Often times, the critical business activities of strategic thinking, long and short range planning, and the implementation of goals and plans are placed in the “do later” stack. Procrastination becomes the norm.

As Small Business Coaches and Consultants we act as the catalyst to help owners and managers “Get Stuff Done”. For example, our approach is to create an date-driven Accountability Plan, to which the business owner agrees. Then, each week we meet with our clients via video conference or in person to review their progress against to goals, tasks and initiatives they have set for themselves. The result? They “feel” the accountability and the organization begins to move forward. If they miss the mark (and they do), we coach – conversely, when they hit the mark, we celebrate!

Barriers to Forward Momentum

  1. No clear plan — Consequently, just surviving day to day and drifting with the flow.
  2. “Sand” infiltrating the priorities — This results in focusing on and chasing non-value-added “to-do” items vs. tacking the ROCKS (key priorities) that drive results. Do the words “I get pulled in a million different directions!” sound familiar?
  3. Simply not knowing — Lacking the skills for or business knowledge of what to do next, resulting in paralysis and procrastination.
  4. No baked-in and systematic approach to setting and managing key business initiatives (see item 1. above).
  5. Too much to manage — For instance, if you take a granular look at the actual content of your day-to-day activities you may find that simply have too much to do. Just what DO you do each day…? And why? Additionally, what can you eliminate or streamline?

What’s Next?

You need an Accountability Program, homegrown or otherwise. Form new habits. Kick the procrastination habit. Focus on what matters, and if you need an objective outsider to help you, reach out.

In conclusion, are you ready to take charge of your business and invest in an accountability resource? Please just click here to connect with us, we are happy to discuss some affordable options with you (there is no obligation).