“I’m Going to Do A Really Bad Job at Work Today!”

business processes
Mapping your business processes helps you “see” how the business operates and aids in training new employees. They become part of your “business cookbook”.

Generally…people don’t wake up in the morning and say “Hey, I think I will go to work and do a really bad job today!”… Agreed?

It’s about business processes, read on…

When we see folks who are disgruntled or uninspired in their positions it is often a result of functioning in organizations with non-existent, dysfunctional or badly broken business processes and / or leadership shortfalls. Unfortunately, Business Owners don’t focus on, or even see, these process and systems issues. They simply apply a bandaid “So sorry Mrs. Customer! Here is some free stuff to make you happy!” or “Gosh, Sir, we feel very badly about this. Please let us give you a discount to make up for our mistake.” Recognizing, analyzing, and eliminating these issues at “root cause” is a excellent business best practice and we can help you learn and integrate these into your firm.

Our work at Paradigm Solutions focuses on process, people and product and the improvement of same. We offer our clients a full range of one-on-one or group coaching and business and management consulting. Our aim is to deliver an honest and fair external perspective and help you improve your business processes. And for those who truly aspire to take their companies to the next level of success? Our Continuum business development program is often a great solution (check out the Continuum page on our website).

We are happy to meet you to privately and confidentially to discuss the issues and challenges you and your business are facing and see if our working together might help you keep moving forward! Let’s connect! Just enter your contact particulars here and we will schedule a no-strings time to meet! #WeAllHaveIssues #FixThemAndWin