This experience has been challenging, fun and so energizing. Continuum has been amazing for our business! We’re just now beginning to see the progress and “fruits of our labor,” and it’s so exciting! It has helped to hold me–and our entire company–accountable and move us forward in the direction we’ve always wanted to go. Thanks to all of you in this group, I’m finally starting to feel like a business owner instead of a slave to “the business.” It’s given me motivation, guidance, and direction, and I can’t thank all of you enough for your input and help!!

Valerie Gibson Gibson Home Services

I highly recommend Paradigm Soutions for all of your management and business consulting and staffing needs! Paradigm team members are very bright, professional, solutions oriented, and dedicated to helping their clients succeed and grow. The Paradigm team is exceptionally knowledgeable about corporate structures, procedures, and staffing and how to streamline and integrate them to ensure your company’s success. I refer all of my clients and colleagues who need management and business consulting and staffing services to Paradigm Solutions—they are always extremely pleased with the services they receive.

Liz Johnson President Mountain View Marketing LLC Warrenton, Virginia

We’ve all heard the adage ‘it’s lonely at the top’. It doesn’t have to be. Paradigm Solutions’ expert leadership has developed a program that brings similarly situated business leaders and representatives together to explore common organizational challenges in a safe, confidential and collaborative environment. It is like having an entire Board of Directors as a resource for your business. Paradigm’s Continuum opportunity is designed to provide positive ROI from day one.

Crystal McKinsey McKinsey Development

Paradigm Solutions is customer focused and delivers an outstanding work product. I highly recommend them.

Clive Ewing Director of Client Services LaborLogix McLean, Virginia

Dennis Taylor of Paradigm Solutions is a very capable leader. He is a man with good vision who gets things done. Dennis has demonstrated this ability many times in his role as the President of the Fauquier Technology Alliance.

Matthew Hassan Senior Project Manager Green Springs Technologies, LLC Warrenton, Virginia

Paradigm Solutions provided knowledgeable and practical management consulting services to Fauquier County which measurably contributed to streamlined and more efficient processes. Paradigm’s guidance was invaluable in meeting the challenges of declining governmental revenues and increased demand for services.

Terry Nyhous Chairman Fauquier County Board of Supervisors Warrenton, Virginia

Dennis, I would like to thank you for your valued contribution to our organizational development, our ongoing management training and for providing positive motivation in our pursuit of repeatable excellence in new markets. Your thorough understanding of management issues and your passion for helping others is both apparent and infectious. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship with you and Paradigm Solutions.

Jamie Blow Director of Construction Services

I’ve worked closely with Dennis Taylor of Paradigm Solutions in many capacities. Whether it is doing work for the government, a commercial business, or donating time to a not-for-profit, Dennis’ projects are always well organized and achieve positive results.

Guy Hinkler CEO V2 Systems, Inc. Manassas Park, Virginia

Paradigm Solutions has the ability to see what others do not. They can help you identify the areas in your business that are keeping you from reaching the next level. Paradigm will help you develop business systems and work flow that will amaze you!

Scot Small President & CEO RevBuilders Marketing Gainesville, Virginia

Continuum was instrumental in our successful launch of our new firm. The deep focus on management best practices, the support and encouragement from the group, and the collaborative and creative solutions offered by our peers to challenges faced were invaluable to starting our business.

Sarah Yakel Meridian Financial Partners

Dennis is unique in his field and can help direct a company in a variety of ways. I trust Dennis’ capabilities second to none in this arena. I highly value his suggestions and advice for business, among other things. He has a great ability to project his insights and a very useful manner. To top it off, Dennis has integrity to match his capabilities. He truly is a good person to know and to have on your side of the table in any business setting.

Kurt Markva Co-Owner / Marketing at Fauquier Hearing Services, PLLC

Dennis, it’s great to celebrate our 1st full year of Continuum! What a fabulous group you have put together. I personally have benefitted more from one year participating in our Continuum group than I did in 3 years in a well-known nationwide group which cost upwards of 20k per year. Now that’s a huge ROI!

Joey Snider J.R. Snider Ltd. Professional Plumbing Services

Dennis Taylor of Paradigm Solutions and I worked on several projects while I was at Comcast. He does a great job, is a true professional, and produced very impressive results on both projects. I highly recommend Dennis to anyone needing help getting their company ‘jump started’.

Jeff Heger Director of Business Operations Comcast, Inc. Manassas, Virginia

Since meeting Dennis almost two years ago, he has been nothing but supportive and generous with his time and effort to help in our success. A true community advocate, he supports and encourages local businesses in every way possible. We are so fortunate to have him in our corner.

Ellen Christie Director of Sales & Marketing, Poplar Springs Inn & Spa

Paradigm Solutions team members have that rare ability to see the big picture and then establish the kind of trust among clients and vendors required to get the hard job done. The Paradigm team is great at coaching when required and has demonstrated this ability to work with companies of any size.

Keith Walter Managing Director BearingPoint Dallas, TX

Paradigm Solutions expertly handled every aspect of our Small, Woman, and Minority Owned business certification process. They delivered results and made a seemingly complicated process easy! I highly recommend doing business with the Paradigm Team.

Crystal McKinsey CEO McKinsey Development, Inc. Warrenton, Virginia

Dennis did consulting for Narmada Winery. Dennis has exceptional people skills. Great consultant and I would recommend him wholeheartedly any time.

Sudha Patil Winemaker & Winery Owner, Narmada Winery

Through Continuum, the use of organizational consultants allowed me to realize significant amounts of reorganization that saved me significant amounts of money.

Brian Roeder Proprietor, Barrel Oak Winery & Farm Taphouse

Dennis is one of the few people who can take point A and point B that you provide and draw and detailed map for you to follow that makes sense and is doable. It is always a great experience to work with Dennis.

George Gould Manager of Computer Operations, Emigra Group LLC

Dennis Taylor of Paradigm Solutions strives for the best—in himself and for his clients. Dennis is a team leader as well as a team player and pays great attention to the details. It was a pleasure working with him.

Richard Benedetto, Jr. President/CEO Media Box Studios Warrenton, Virginia

If you are planning a business venture, expansion, or if your business is ‘stuck’ in some way—you need Paradigm Solutions. Paradigm can truly make your efforts more effective. Their experience and ability can take years and tears off business challenges. Paradigm will help you to work smarter—not harder!

Bert van Gils Attorney Warrenton, Virginia

Paradigm Solutions excels at providing structure to any process—order to any chaos. Their goal is a balanced approach to solve most issues. The Paradigm team’s talents span so many fields that it would be difficult to find a subject they haven’t worked with before.

Tony Tedeschi President Piedmont Press & Graphics Warrenton, Virginia

Any business owner, manager, or senior executive would do well by their company to hire Paradigm Solutions — they will save far more than they could ever spend on their services. I have seen Paradigm literally turn companies around with their work. I recommend Paradigm Solutions to anyone needing help.

John Stewart Founder and Managing Director, Vantage Economics

Paradigm Solutions taught us the importance of putting good business processes in place so that your day-to-day operations are more efficient. Paradigm is truly an asset to any business. We highly recommend the Paradigm team.

Sissy Duckworth Vice President Cabling Systems, Inc. Summerduck, Virginia

Dennis is an extremely valuable and effective strategic partner, business advisor and consultant. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in several different capacities over the past seven years and find his understanding of both the technical side, and human side, of business to be outstanding. If you are looking for ways to streamline operations, improve ROI and see your business excel, I highly recommend speaking with Dennis Taylor/Paradigm Solutions.

Crystal McKinsey Chief Operating Officer, New York Kids Club