Paradigm Solutions’ business and management consulting services are a valuable asset to those holding many different positions in a broad scope of businesses and organizations.

Are You Starting a New Business?  Paradigm Solutions will help you put the organizational structure, processes, staffing, and business and marketing plans in place to pave the way for your success.  Let Paradigm Solutions help you avoid the problems encountered by many new business owners.

Do You Manage a Business?  Paradigm Solutions will serve as one of your key management resources.  We will provide you with all of the tools you need to manage your business successfully.  Paradigm Solutions will help you with business coaching, organizational structure and corresponding staffing, process improvement, project management, and business and marketing planning.

Are You a Business Owner? As an owner you have invested a lot in your business.  It is important to do everything possible within your budget to ensure its success.  Paradigm Solutions will help you chart an effective course for your business that streamlines and error proofs processes; eliminates non-value-added activities; achieves the maximum results possible with your organizational structure and staffing; and puts the business and marketing plans in place to ensure your continued stability, growth, and profitability.

Are You an Executive?  As an executive it is easy to become entrenched in current approaches and procedures—in doing things the way they have always been done.  Paradigm Solutions will provide you with a fresh perspective on your organization and proven recommendations for improvements, enhancements, and goal achievement.  We will assess your corporate structure, staffing, processes, and plans and provide you with the recommendations and tools you need to lead your firm to reach its full potential.

Is Procurement Management Your Responsibility?  If so—it can be overwhelming.  Paradigm Solutions will help you maximize the efficiency of your procurement processes.  We will provide you with the guidance and tools you need to make your procurement processes cost effective, time saving, and successful in meeting company goals and objectives.

Are You Responsible for Information Security and Assurance?   Paradigm Solutions will provide information security assessments; independent review and validation analysis; vulnerability, risk, and mitigation strategies; and ensure your compliance with all certification and accreditation requirements.  Across all levels of classified networks worldwide—we help our clients achieve information security and assurance.

Is Municipality Management Your Responsibility?  Today’s economy and resulting staffing cuts have made municipality management even more challenging.  Paradigm Solutions will help you do more with less.  We will help you remove the overburdening components you face today with:  high-efficiency processes; effective planning; staffing assessment and workload allocation; and tools for successful project management.  Paradigm Solutions will help you meet your required objectives with seamless protocols.

Are You a Small, Woman-Owned, and/or Minority-Owned Business?  We will help you obtain your SWaM certification and connect you with the special resources available to help you grow your business.

Paradigm Solutions is here to help you address and resolve the specific challenges and issues you face and lead your organization into a more efficient, effective, and profitable tomorrow!  Please contact us today!